San Francisco

New video and yes, I need to redesign my Website.

So I danced at Desert Dance Festival in September - it was a blast, but there is a part of my performance where I become Casper the Ghost - tiny mistake, I do recover, and go on like nothing happened. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

In addition, I have a new business card:

With the new logo, this means I need to redesign this site - or turn it into a real blog. Which I may do - and I may actually include more entries. I wonder if it could take Facebook feeds....hmmmm :)

New videos....

Me dancing at Carnival of Stars:

Me dancing at the Hearst Museum at UC Berkeley:

Here are some new videos. Enjoy!

Me dancing to Amar 14 (filmed by Dan at the restaurant):

Me dancing (filmed by Mathieu):

Me dancing again (filmed by Dan at the restaurant):

I haven't updated this site in a while, but have been busy learning new things and working on developing my own personal style and performance. Below is a clip from a more recent performance. It's about a year from my first performance and you'll probably notice I look far less scared, a little smoother and a lot more expressive. I still need to work on a few things, but I'd say it's a world of difference.

And hey, this is now on YouTube. I'm feeling pretty good that I made it this far!

Valentina took more pictures of me at a show I did one night at Al Masri (it's on Flickr.). And yeah, I'm smiling more and actually having a good time on the stage. Go figure :)

I danced again in early December at yet another Al Masri recital. A fellow student, Valentina, tooks these pictures (thanks, Valentina!). Take a peek at Flickr.
Oh yes, the napkin in the side of my outfit was a prop for the dance I was doing. When I get a video up you'll see what I mean. Also I have a new trademark look and it's the crystal barrette in my hair. I thought it was kinda cute, keeps my hair out of my face (my friend Valentina pointed out that I hide my face so this fixes that problem.). I'm going to keep the look and leverage it for a stage personality thing.

Here is me dancing at Al Masri for the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance Recital in September, 2007. This was the first time I danced in front of an audience - ever - and I was so scared I couldn't smile and was happy my hair fell in my face. I relaxed A LOT in future performances.

Stay tuned for a blog link soon!